The engineers at 42ITS are train to install both internal and external wireless systems

Our engineers conduct site survey’s to make sure that you get your wireless where it’s needed;

Internal Wireless

For the home or business user our internal wireless systems offer you the flexibility to use your computer or laptop anywhere within your premises, even outside!

You customers and remote workers will be able to use your facilities when they come to visit without having to find that spare CAT5 cable, “where did we leave it last time?” & “What’s the IP address?”


Let 42ITS design your wireless systems


External Wireless

Why spend money installing expensive lease lines or even dial up connection when you can install a wireless link between buildings. After the initial installation costs the transfer of data between sites is free of charge

Utilising Voice Over IP technology over a wireless link, telephone calls to remote sites are also free!

Using our extensive experience with can install building to building systems, wireless camera installs and utilising satellite technology we can share broadband connections around many business / homes

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