PSTN Switch-Off

Its time for the big switch Off, by December 2025 we should have all moved away from PSTN networks.

Luckily switching is easy and then you can chat, message and take control of your calls from wherever you are.

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Benefits of VoIP

VoIP is revolutionising the way we communicate

VoIP offers cost-effective, versatile, and feature-rich solutions for businesses.

The transition away from traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is gathering pace, VoIP is playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of how we communicate in a world increasingly reliant on internet connectivity.

Here are some benefits of upgrading your services to VoIP: 

Keeping your

We are well versed with managing users telephony requirements and ensuring you keep your existing phone number as you transition and reap the benefits of VoIP.


VOIP offer significantly reduced calls cost, and also replaces your costly on-premise equipment with cloud management facilities and management portals


VOIP systems bring organisations together, remote working is now easier and more productive enabling users to have work phones at home or use remote devices to securely access telephony services.

Advance VoIP

VoIP offers a wide range of advanced features and capabilities beyond phone calling, including; Video Calling, Advanced Call Routing, Call Recording, Auto Attendant and more.

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When does the PSTN Switch-off start

The first phase of the PSTN Switch-off was launched by BT Openreach on September 5th, 2023. This marks the beginning of the national stop-sell of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Consequently, BT Openreach has ceased offering new PSTN-based services. It is vital to note that existing legacy PSTN services can still be used until the full Switch-off in 2025.

However, it’s crucial to understand that during this transition period, no new services can be acquired or changes made to existing services that depend on ISDN or PSTN.

When is the final PSTN Switch-off happening?

In 2025, BT Openreach plans to decommission the traditional, analog telephone network.

Our engineers at 42ITS are well versed to help you with the VoIP transition

Why is the PSTN Switch-off happening?

Having served as the backbone of UK telecommunications since the 1800s, the PSTN network has understandably become outdated and expensive to sustain.

BT Openreach is discontinuing the PSTN and ISDN network to clear the path for a modern, fully digital network capable of meeting the requirements of the evolving digital age.

What does the PSTN Switch-off mean to my business?

The PSTN Switch-off will impact all businesses presently reliant on PSTN and ISDN services.

If your business falls under this umbrella, it’s imperative to transition to the new network by 2025 to ensure the continuity of your communication services.

When should businesses switch their services from the PSTN?

Businesses need to initiate preparations for the PSTN Switch-off promptly to facilitate a seamless transition to VoIP technology.

Neglecting to prepare for this shift can lead to disruptions in business operations.

What if your business has a phone and internet connection?

For businesses dependent on both phone and internet services via PSTN, the transition to VoIP and fibre broadband is even more critical. Whether your requirement is fibre broadband or phone services, 42ITS can assist in both scenarios.

Whether your requirement is fibre broadband or phone services, 42ITS can assist in both scenarios.

What is VoIP?

VoIP technology has transformed traditional communication, outperforming PSTN and ISDN services with its cost-effectiveness and advanced features. By utilizing an existing internet connection for phone calls, VoIP initially posed risks due to its dependence on internet quality for stable calls.

However, today, most broadband services offer sufficient speed, alleviating concerns about call quality. Compared to PSTN and ISDN services, VoIP telephony is simpler, and requires less hardware.
VoIP offers versatility, compatible with various devices including traditional desk phones, mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

Will the PSTN Switch-off affect a businesses internet connection?

If your current internet connection relies on ADSL, ADSL2+, or an FTTC setup using an analogue PSTN telephone line, upgrading your internet connection is necessary. However, if you've already transitioned to SoGEA, have a full fibre FTTP connection, or utilize a dedicated leased line, you likely won't be affected by the PSTN Switch-off.

Nonetheless, we advise confirming your status regardless. Please note that ADSL service availability is limited until March 2024 in areas where SoGEA or FTTP options are unavailable.

How will the 2025 Switch-off impact devices connected to the PSTN?

All technologies utilizing the PSTN network will be affected. The transition will impact services like security and fire alarms, telecare devices, and retail payment terminals, as well as any other devices reliant on the PSTN. These services rely on specific PSTN features not fully replicated in VoIP platforms, potentially affecting residential, commercial, and public sector users.

If you are uncertain about how a device in your business and how it might be affected, we recommend getting in contact to determine its functionality on a digital phone line. For those purchasing new alarms or devices, it’s essential to verify compatibility with VoIP services.

Will the PSTN Switch-off affect emergency 999 calls?

Emergency services that rely on PSTN connections will be impacted by the switch off. Ofcom mandates telecom companies to take all necessary steps to ensure uninterrupted access to emergency organizations for their customers, even during power outages. Telecom providers typically advise customers to use a mobile phone as a backup in case of power cuts. In areas with no signal, national roaming is enabled in the UK for making emergency calls.

This allows the use of any mobile phone network to contact emergency services, regardless of being a customer or not. If national roaming is activated, your handset may display the message ‘Emergency calls only’.

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