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ESET Smart Security Business Edition is a new deeply integrated solution providing endpoint security for all sorts of businesses of all sizes. ESET Smart Security brings the speed and preciseness of ESET NOD32 Antivirus and its powerful ThreatSense® engine and combines it with custom engineered firewall and antispam solutions thus creating a form of artificial intelligence constantly vigilant in keeping computers safe from malware and other internet threats. With its smart approach ESET is taking heuristics to the next level.


Extremely Light System Footprint

The unique build of ESET Smart Security has been optimized during the past few years to perfectly match the system environment. ESET engineered a smart solution with the lowest system footprint on the market insuring the fastest startup and smooth performance. Users won’t even know it’s there, constantly offering comprehensive protection.

Fully Integrated Protection

ESET Smart Security offers comprehensive protection using Antivirus, Antispyware, Personal Firewall and Antispam. These components have been built from the ground up as a single package to provide supreme functionality and synergy. The deep integration of these elements ensures supreme protection, record breaking performance and speed.

Smart Detection

ESET created a form of security oriented artificial intelligence which is exceptionally efficient at detecting malicious behavior. ESET Smart Security focuses on smart detection of malware utilizing advanced heuristics to help protect from unknown threats and generic signatures and genetic technology to help detect unfamiliar mutations of known malware. Computers are most vulnerable to internet threats during the window between the virus outbreak and the signature update. Our ThreatSense® technology minimizes the vulnerability during this window.

Central Remote Administration

The ESET Remote Administrator and Mirror components make sure that the installation and later administration of ESET Smart Security will be absolutely hassle free. A minimal amount of endeavor will be needed to manage the security in the whole network environment therefore cutting valuable time and costs to a minimum, enabling employees to focus on other essentials.

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The ESET Smart Security Business Edition additionally features the ESET Remote Administrator tool to ensure smooth updating and centralized administration in business environments. ESET Remote Administrator offers centralized management of all machines in a local or wide area network for easier setup and faster administration. ESET Smart Security Business Edition insures optimal PC and networking performance by saving bandwidth usage.

ESET Smart Security has been built from the ground up to provide maximum functionality with a minimum system footprint. Unlike other clumsily bundled security suites ESET Smart Security concentrates on the essentials utilizing advanced technologies in proactive detection to ensure comprehensive protection against viruses, trojans, worms, adware, spyware, phishing, rootkits and other internet threats while ensuring a smooth and unburdened performance of workstations and productivity of employees.

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