eToken – Authentication and Password Management

Choosing the right eToken device

eToken’s suite of devices allows organizations complete flexibility to meet their individual needs. From USB tokens for PCs and remote environments, to smartcards for access control and identity badges – eToken’s accessibility, efficiency and portability mean it’s the smart choice for organizations looking to stay ahead in today’s ever changing, digitalized world. All devices support the same security interfaces and work seamlessly with eToken and third-party security applications.

Aladdin Token Management System (TMS) is a robust management system that enables the deployment, provisioning and maintenance of all of eToken devices, including security tokens, smartcards and ID badges, within an organization. It supports a comprehensive range of security applications such as network logon, VPN, web access, OTP authentication, secure e-mail, data encryption, and many others.

One of the main challenges in managing security in an enterprise is connecting the users, their security devices and the organizational rules, to the associated security applications. The Aladdin TMS provides a unique solution linking all above components into a single automated and fully configurable system.

TMS provides powerful tools so that you can cost-effectively and conveniently handle all aspects of token life cycle management. TMS capabilities include token deployment and revocation, web-based user self-service token enrolment and password reset, automatic backup and restore of user credentials, handling of lost and damaged tokens, and much more.

TMS has an open, standards-based architecture, based on configurable connectors for integrating with a wide variety of security applications. Seamlessly integrated into Active Directory (or operated in a standalone, e.g. shadow domain mode), TMS enables you to intuitively manage tokens throughout the organization, and transparently links token management with user organizational policies.

TMS includes a robust SDK for integration and management of third-party security applications.

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