Recycle and dispose with confidence

Ideal solution for a wide range of end-users including corporate customers with large IT departments or multiple sites, schools and other institutions and any customer looking for a simple `in-a-box’ solution.

Recycle and dispose with confidence

  • Quite simply a box on a pallet, delivered directly to you to fill with your old IT equipment
  • An all-inclusive price with no hidden extras. One single cost includes all delivery, collection and recycling charges.
  • Most cost effective way for you to dispose of your redundant products
  • Fully compliant and certified recycling service managed via our dedicated IT disposal centre

What is the process?

  1. Green IT Box is shipped to your site
  2. Fill the box with redundant IT equipment (no time limit)
  3. Ring the number printed on the box with collection reference
  4. Box is collected within 72 hours
  5. Replacement box can be ordered then
  6. Waste Disposal Certificate is provided to the reseller or customer

What do we mean by disposal:

  • Non hazardous items shredded down to raw material
  • Hazardous items passed to authorised recycling partner
  • Certificate of destruction produced and sent to you
  • Financial billing information produced and sent to you
  • Environmental reports produced and sent to you

What will fit into the box?:

The box itself is 1158mm x 758mm x 660mm, and has a maximum weight capacty of 250kg, which means that you can fit up to (or any combination of):

  • 40 PCs or
  • 15 CRTs or
  • 50 TFTs or
  • 20 Printer/Fax or
  • 25 Desktop Servers or
  • 6 Rack Servers

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